Families and Kids


Trace searching
Walking through the Elbe Sandstone Mountains you search for traces of beaver, fire salamander, bats and birds and discover evidences of old smuggling paths. And you try to understand the secret language of trees. This tour is guided by a biologist.
Duration: 3-4 h
Costs: 6 €, 3 € per child, a total of minimum 60 €


Cave tour

Explore with us some of the caves of Saxon Switzerland. The caves are above ground. This is a very safe tour and ideal for children.


Duration: ca. 3 h
Costs: 6 €, 3 € per child, a total of minimum 60 €


Fixed rope route

If you are interested in a sporting challenge, come on a fixed rope route tour. We will guide you on this demanding route with special climbing equipment. This trail will lead us over metal steps, ladders and along rocks to the top, where we have stunning views. Climbing experience is not necessary. Children should be at an age of 7. You should be able to walk on exposed terrain and not be afraid of heights.
Before starting you will be given instruction on handling the equipment.

Duration: 4-5 h
Meeting point: Beuthenfall (Kirnitzschtal)


Costs: 25 € incl. Climbing equipment, children from 7-13 years: 20 €



We arrange picnics made from local and organic products at a beautiful spot, for instance a place with a wonderful view. Walkers are asked to help carry the picnic in their backpacks.


Price per person: 6 € / children 3 €


Treasure hunt

Don’t feel like a visit to the Museum of Old Masters or other art galleries? Then you are in the right place, come with us to the trendy district of Dresden called “Äußere Neustadt”. Discover interesting places and get background information on Dresden Neustadt, on its way from a countrified idyll to a trendy district. This will be a treasure hunt not just a guided tour, you need to be active….


Costs: 5 € pro person, 2.50 € per child, a total of minimum 60 €