What you should know

Condition of trails
ĄI didnít want to look at this, itís too dreadful, always one rock taller and deeper than the otherÖĒ Ysop Lafleur (1798)
Nowadays itís not as wild as in Lafleurís time. But most of the trails are not wide and flat and are not provided with guardrails.
Height differences of several hundred meters with steep inclines are not uncommon. Sometimes you will suddenly find yourself confronted by a ladder or a long flight of steps. We will choose the hiking trail best suited to the group.

In winter some of the trails are not accessible, it is too dangerous for walking in snowy and icy conditions. In the deep gorges the ice remains for a longer period, sometimes until April. If it is stormy you should not enter the forest. In the national park area there are some very old trees and branches can easily break off. If it is raining, you should not climb because the sandstone becomes very slippery and fragile.
You should wear comfortable clothes and shoes, to suit the weather conditions. Please be aware that from time to time clothes can get dirty and even damaged.
You are responsible for your own belongings and you should carry enough to eat and drink. Donít forget sun protection if necessary. Please note, there wonít be restaurants everywhere, and drinking water can be difficult to find.
In parts of Saxon Switzerland close to the Czech border, as well as in Bohemian Switzerland, you can access the Czech telephone network. In some gorges you wonít have any mobile access.
Hiking in the Saxon Switzerland can be dangerous:
Dead trees in the national park are only removed if they constitute a danger.
Neither the Free State of Saxony nor Hobbit Hikes accepts any responsibility for accidents. Walking in Saxon Switzerland is at your own risk.